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Cosmetics contract manufacturing experts bring the differences between a skin lightener and skin brightener product.

Your uneven skin tone and dark spots are the result of your negligence of not using proper skin care products. Cosmetics contract manufacturing experts explain how skin lightening and skin brightening creams can help you in treating tan skin and dark spots.

Discoloration of the skin irritates you and makes you older looking. Age spots just continue to show up and become larger if you left them as it is. They are stubborn and tricky to cover with makeup. But skin lightening products may help you.

Skin lightening products contain hydroquinone as an active ingredient. As per the research, it is clear that hydroquinone is among gold standard for lightening dark spots.

To treat uneven skin tone and make it radiant and bright, skin brightening products are best. If you use skin lightener and skin brightener together along with sunscreen lotion, you will can luminous skin tone that makes you younger in looks.

You should know the basic difference between a skin lightening cream and a skin brightening cream. A skin lightener is an over-the-counter product having 2% hydroquinone as an active ingredient. This ingredient is helpful in reducing the brown spots and freckles caused by direct sun exposure. If your skin lightening product doesn’t have hydroquinone, it will not provide you the expected results.

Skin brightener is a cosmetic product having ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide, and arbutin. As per a research conducted by experts, it is found that these ingredients can brighten skin and give even tone. These products actually fade the signs of dullness and enhance your uneven skin tone and give you smoother and younger looking skin.

How to use skin lightener and brightener?

First you have to wash and clean your face. Apply toner is the next step. Once you apply the toner, you should apply your AHA or BHA exfoliant and then skin lightener product to affected areas. You can apply brightening product throughout your face in evening. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out.

You can repeat this regime in evening as well and replace the sunscreen with night cream.

Sunscreen is a must! UV rays are vastly responsible for tanning and uneven skin and blemishes. Cosmetics contract manufacturing companies are making effective sun protection products along with skin brightening and lightening products. You can get some products from the market easily.

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